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Makes the world go round~

Posted in Blubber on February 29, 2008 by masterchibi

It occured to me in the past few years that I didn’t really have a clear favorite when it came to the type of genre I enjoy in anime / manga. I’m open to watching / reading most anything you can imagine. I’ll go from Pokemon to Devilman, Ninja Scroll to Peach Girl. Simple children shows to complex adult thrillers. I would always get asked that question online too (I love to just blubber on about something I’ve gotten into or just finished, which is why I’m deciding to go with this blog), but somewhere along the line someone pointed out that I had already picked a genre without even knowing it, only it wasn’t one that had an already established label to it. I took a look into the older shows I enjoyed such as Urusei Yatsura, Lodoss Wars, Sailor Moon and Kodocha, then show I had seen very recently such as Karin, Buso Renkin, and Eureka 7. What the hell did these shows have in common? Urusei Yatsura was a pure comedic fest of insanity, while Lodoss Wars was practically the complete opposite of it. Sailor Moon is godmother of all magical girl anime, while Kodocha was comedic while having quite a very serious plot twist in its later chapters. It was when I started looking at the series I’ve watched / read recently that I started bringing things closer together. Karin, Busou Renkin, Eureka 7, Full Metal Panic, etc all had a male and female lead /as their main characters. For the lack of a better term, it was couples. I loved watching shows with even the tiniest inlking of a coupling going on. Now to be more specific, I’m not talking actual ‘shipping’ as is usually the case in shows with a large cast (such as Naruto, or One Piece), but shows where there is an actual established male and female lead. Bleach fits into this because of Ichigo and Rukia, while Naruto does not because Naruto is clearly the main character (hello, the show is named after him!~) while the likes of Sakura or Hinata are just fodder after a certain point in the story.

Now is there a real name for this ‘genre’? It can fall under romance, but it’s not limited to it. I’m tempted to just list shows that I consider to fit my ‘coupley’ genre, but I’ve got a distinct feeling that it would end up being quite a broad list that wouldn’t make sense to much anyone out there but those few who know my tastes very well. I guess the bigger question would be “Why ‘coupley’ shows? I’m not sure really, but it’s just a purely enjoyable feeling to watch characters hook up, fall for one another, or just make those subtle hints (even in the midst of a shonen series). If I had to give an example at this very moment, I’d say a show like Busou Renkin has name written all over it, especially given the two main characters, Kazuki and Tokiko. Miss Scarface in particular is one of my favorite female leads in quite a while. While she’s pushed as the gritty, warrior type who should have ‘tsundere’ written all over her face, she manages to stand atop the stereotype while being a character all her own. Kazuki is a bit of a cliche male lead, wanting to save everyone and what not, but he sure doesn’t hold back when it comes to protecting Tokiko, or being honest in how he feels for her. I suppose I’d better stop before I start to really gush about the show and end up coming off as some tweeny-something reject who types all her messages lIkE tHiS. Haha.

If you’re looking for the point of this intial blog post, I guess it’s both a warning and a request for a favor. I say warning because if I come across a show that fits snugly into my personal ‘coupley’ demographic, the blog posts of said show will be hopelessly long and dumb because I’ll be going on auto pilot until my brain farts out whatever it needs to to feel satisfied. I also say request because I would love to get more of these shows into my fat head, so I’m all ears for suggestions!

Also, if you’re looking for the anger, don’t worry, that’s coming soon enough. True Tears and Clannad are getting on my damned nerves as of late, and the general anime populace can go suck it.